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testing and exercise
I am newly diagnosed, although diabetes runs in my family on both sides. I know I should...
crystleshoe Apr-22-07
10:39 PM
Last post by nan
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New here but not to Diabetes
Hi, I thought I would step up my proactive approach to this illness and start chatting.%...
Volleyball May-12-07
09:08 AM
Last post by Lynne59
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New to this forum.
Hello everyone, My name is Heather and I live in Milton Keynes, U.K. I am T2...
caswellhb May-12-07
09:25 AM
Last post by Lynne59
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hi new to this site
minkimania01 May-14-07
11:06 AM
Last post by blwilliams39
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New Member
Hello, I am a new member and my name is Kay. I once was on a message board for Type II f...
Kay_S May-19-07
02:20 PM
Last post by nan
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Hello everyone
My name is Charles Curry. I just became a member here and wanted to start asking around w...
dia_bites101 May-24-07
02:44 PM
Last post by dia_bites101
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Would you go and eat at a Restaurant or shop at a Market that is specifically designed for the diabetic lifestyle?
A poll/survey question
dia_bites101 May-24-07
02:51 PM
Last post by dia_bites101
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Newbie here
I was diag. 3 weeks ago yesterday. I went to the ER withhh a blood suger over 1000,and a...
__STRIKER__ May-27-07
10:58 PM
Last post by __STRIKER__
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Looking For......Recipe
Hi everyone, A friend of mine is coming up from the states for a visit in July. She L...
CeruleanSins May-30-07
10:36 PM
Last post by Staceyy
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I'm New...
Hi, my name is Sarah. I was diagnosed with Type 2 diabetes March 15th, 2007. Just le...
sglove58 Jun-22-07
06:48 AM
Last post by sglove58
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New to all this, any advice is appreciated
Hi, my name is Jodie, I just found out that I have type 2 diabetes 6 weeks ago. was i...
Jodie Jun-22-07
09:58 AM
Last post by Jodie
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Calculate exchanges
Hi all! I'm new here and wanted to ask if anyone knows of a website or anything on-li...
s050656 Jul-13-07
10:37 AM
Last post by DRBain
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Hi, (posted this somewhere else, but think it should have been here instead) %...
carokaye Jul-15-07
01:22 AM
Last post by nan
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23 folks online -- please post
Are you a newbie or oldie?...
nan Jul-23-07
00:40 AM
Last post by nan
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Hello All
Hi - my name is Vicki, from Ohio. I've been looking for a site like this - and I'm s...
Amythyst419 Jul-31-07
05:54 PM
Last post by Amythyst419
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Hi Im new here
Im 48 yrs. old, and newly diagnoised type 2 diabetic. Im from Texas, and have 4 grand...
Ladonna Aug-08-07
09:43 AM
Last post by Schmoopy6
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Daughter of Diabetic
Hi all, New to the forums obviously. I'm the daughter of a Type 1 diabetic. My ...
Allara Aug-15-07
05:11 PM
Last post by Lee32
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school assignment on diabetes
could someone with diabetes please answer my questions, it is for a school assignment,...
jerry Aug-15-07
07:58 PM
Last post by Lee32
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Smoke and Mirrors
Greetings: I want to Thank Stella amd the Admin for keeping on top of those who wan...
Smitty Aug-16-07
11:50 AM
Last post by Lee32
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Just joined. Newly diagnosed.
Hello everyone. I've just found this site and am very happy to have done so. I'm ...
Tink Aug-22-07
09:59 AM
Last post by micksmixxx
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