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Sugar Free Limeade Concentrate???
Posted: Jul-28-05, 08:15 PM (EST)

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Wet Behind The Ears
Wet Behind The Ears

I'm newly diagnosed Type II diabetes. I usually make frozen margaritas in my blender when having folks over on the weekends and I'm kind of going through "withdrawal" from them after my diagnosis since my recipe uses the small cans of frozen limeade concentrate (huge amount of corn syrup). Does anyone have any idea if anyone sells unsweetened or sugar free frozen limeade concentrate? I'd love to know it you know of anywhere.

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1. RE: Sugar Free Limeade Concentrate???
becky   United States
Posted: Jul-29-05, 02:19 PM (EST)
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On a Roll
On a Roll

Baja Bob's makes sugarfree margarita mix, but it obviously isn't frozen. I don't think there are any frozen juice concentrates that are sugarfree. Sounds like something that would make a good experiment, I have an ice cream maker, so maybe a combination of lime juice, splenda, water, and xanthan gum or polydextrose might work. If I have any luck, I will post the results. I will have to buy some lime juice first. It would make a good Italian ice substitute, too, if it worked.


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