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Is everybody pumped-up today?
What do you do when you need to increase your exercise routine? Ideas??? ...
nan Feb-10-15
08:38 AM
Last post by temitope
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Weightlifting w/Dialysis Counteracts Muscle loss
Weight-Lifting During Dialysis Counteracts Muscle Wasting April 2007 - Performing ...
adminadmin Feb-09-15
12:01 PM
Last post by dozzy001
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Running A Marathon on Insulin
Hi - I am about to enter training for a marathon but wonder if anyone has experineced the ...
Martin J Feb-09-15
11:56 AM
Last post by dozzy001
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Low Carb Foods
When you start a low carb foods list, the first thin you should do is make categories f...
davidhowe Feb-09-15
11:53 AM
Last post by dozzy001
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Diabetic diet - Basic Food List
Diabetic diet - Basic Food List You have six basic food lists to draw from when planni...
rajoria Oct-24-14
11:05 PM
Last post by Carol99
4 ---

Parents: Start Exercise Habits Early
Parents have a great opportunity to harness the natural energy children have and instill l...
adminadmin Oct-20-14
04:08 AM
Last post by Sarah233
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Any muscle builder diabetics?
I'm not even sure if "muscle builder diabetics" is an oxymoron. I am 29 yrs old and ...
typewun May-28-14
06:56 AM
Last post by GarrettHnatiuk
2 ---

Pain on top of the Foot
Hi all, I have noticed that after doing some squats, the next day my thighs keep pa...
anni35 Jun-22-12
08:24 AM
Last post by mackwhite
8 ---

Sugar Busters
Hi! Has anyone read Sugar Busters? Anyone tried their method of eating? I read th...
Jen74Brooke Jan-21-12
02:17 AM
Last post by jemmy12
1 ---

Readings higher after exercise?
Hi everyone! I simply don't get it. I have to ask my doctor about this, I...
Chillywalker Jan-05-12
01:51 AM
Last post by jemmy12
5 ---

someone tried this diet? http://www.fatproblem.info/index.php?option=com_con...
zsmeie Nov-01-11
09:33 PM
Last post by seema
8 ---

Anyone here tried Curves ? Opinions please.
I'm not into exercising right now. Part of it is I also have injuries to my left hip &...
silverwolf47 Jan-18-11
02:46 AM
Last post by charle
4 ---

Hello everyone, I am a type-I diabetic and I am in the process of training fo...
johnnydiabetic Jan-18-11
02:45 AM
Last post by charle
6 ---

Are You Controlled by the Urge to Splurge
Hi, How do you control these urges that pull you away from your diet plan and down th...
hari001 Dec-31-10
03:30 PM
Last post by typewun
1 ---

Consuming A Sugar Free Diet Is An Effective Solution To Control Blood Sugar Levels.
Recipes for diabetes are prepared by keeping in mind the health requirements of the diabe...
freediabeties Dec-04-10
09:31 PM
Last post by DRBain
1 ---

Are Holiday and Weekend Eating Patterns Affecting Obesity Rates?
Professor suggests incorporating guidelines for weekend and holiday eating into food pyram...
adminadmin Dec-11-09
11:38 AM
Last post by admin
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Half Marathon Training week 1 training.
Well, I am gearing up for a 1/2 marathon in October. So I thought I would share my ex...
harryjacobs Oct-08-09
04:44 AM
Last post by shelly123
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Hunger reducing meds like Hoodia?
Anyone tried and had any success with any pills that reduce hunger and therefore help redu...
tickledpink65 Apr-01-09
10:14 PM
Last post by Jen74Brooke
1 ---

hey people!
hi whats with diabetes and weight loss I don't get it I'm a diabetic and all I could ...
xxemoxxkidxx Oct-19-07
11:00 PM
Last post by nan
1 ---

Exercises for mobility inpaired
Hi, I'm 57 with type 2 and using multiple daily injections. I also have complica...
JadeTreeLady Aug-17-07
08:54 AM
Last post by JadeTreeLady
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