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Weight Loss Help
Hello, Although I am new to this site I am not new to diabetes. I have been a type...
dd20 Feb-09-15
10:56 AM
Last post by temitope
9 ---

Question about A1C
I have been diligently checking my bg 6-8 times a day. My Cgm and meter both agree that m...
sjohnson_spa Jan-17-15
04:28 PM
Last post by sjohnson_spa
0 ---

Spouse of a type 1 diabetic - I need help
My husband and I are newly married and I'm having a really hard time handling his type 1...
elizabethnevada Jan-15-15
12:00 PM
Last post by elizabethnevada
0 ---

Friend with type 1 diabetes
My friend is suffering from type 1 diabetes. He is taking Insulin 2 times in a day before ...
jemmy12 Jul-30-14
00:43 AM
Last post by GarrettHnatiuk
3 ---

22 yr old and newly diagnosed
Hey all! I'm a 22 yr old female, who found out a month ago that i'm type 1. I am...
fly_girl Jul-28-14
00:50 AM
Last post by GarrettHnatiuk
10 ---

Low blood sugar
I have been a diabetic for over 13 years now. Recently, I've been having lows, alm...
oh_jessika Jul-25-14
00:40 AM
Last post by GarrettHnatiuk
6 ---

depression and diaetes
hi, i have been a diabetic for 13 yrs... i have been throw alot which in return i have b...
camogirl33 Jul-23-14
00:49 AM
Last post by GarrettHnatiuk
3 ---

Partying while having diabetes
I'm 18 years old and all my friends do nothing but party. I try my hardest to stay away ...
altanea_ Jul-22-14
01:44 AM
Last post by GarrettHnatiuk
3 ---

Frustrated Wife
So here's my story. My husband got diagnosed with type 1 diabetes three years ago while ...
chulalvsski May-01-14
11:04 PM
Last post by rLightning
7 ---

Very High Blood Sugar in the mornings - advice?
Hello all, My name is Ania, i was diagnosed with type 1 four years ago, at the ag...
ania May-01-14
11:00 PM
Last post by rLightning
6 ---

NovoLog not Working
Hello I am new to the forum and look forward to learning from you guys. My NovoLog in...
McScrappy Mar-18-14
10:53 AM
Last post by micksmixxx
3 ---

I'm wanting to do a body cleanse to get rid of toxins any recommendations?
My name is Tiffany, Im a newby. Anyone know of a way to remove toxins from body that is ...
Tiffany1481 Mar-18-14
09:01 AM
Last post by Tiffany1481
0 ---

prolific diabetic retinopaty
I have been a diabetic almost 17 yrs.. I have finally taken control of it.. but s lil too ...
mizdaniT1 Nov-13-13
05:24 PM
Last post by mdf100
1 ---

survey on glucose detecting dogs
Researchers are conducting a survey of dogs that can detect glucose levels in persons wit...
Npetry Aug-14-13
11:36 AM
Last post by Npetry
0 ---

Type 1 diabetic 3 days off insulin
Hey guys, my name is Taylor, I was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes at age 14, im 20 n...
TaylorH May-10-13
07:48 PM
Last post by type1run
20 ---

I need some help im in a pickle
hi im alyssa im a 13 year old teenager and im on the pump and for the past two days i ah...
xoxo_ginger_xoxo Nov-09-12
03:54 PM
Last post by camogirl33
6 ---

Extremely low blood sugar levels
Hi everyone, I have been type 1 diabetic for over 32 years, I have never really thou...
sassy May-27-12
12:07 PM
Last post by Crypt Kicker
1 ---

Insulin Pump Therapy
Hey everyone. I am thinking about getting on insulin pump therapy, and I was wondering w...
massdevice May-22-12
10:18 PM
Last post by benjaminrain
10 ---

Blood glucose meter: How to choose
My friend is type 1 diabetic patient. Many types of blood glucose meters are available. H...
jemmy12 Feb-25-12
02:47 AM
Last post by jemmy12
0 ---

getting in control
Hi all, I'm an 18 year old who has had type one for 6 almost 7 years and honestly kno...
MJane Jan-23-12
01:51 AM
Last post by jemmy12
4 ---
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