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How do you know?
Hi, we are new to the "possibility" of diabetes. I have a 13 year old daughter ...
lakegirlz Apr-28-14
02:22 AM
Last post by victorw878
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survey on glucose detecting dogs
Researchers are conducting a survey of dogs that can detect glucose levels in persons wit...
Npetry Aug-14-13
11:37 AM
Last post by Npetry
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Children, Teens and Diabetes
What should a child or teen with diabetes do every day? To control diabetes and prevent...
stellamoderator Apr-08-13
02:46 PM
Last post by stella
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Can anyone spare a minute ?
I am currently at University and as part of my final year project I have chosen to look at...
nelly91 Jan-02-12
08:58 AM
Last post by nelly91
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I need a little help....
I'm new here and my oldest child, Michael (6) has been recently (Wednesday) di...
Lauren2211 Jan-13-11
01:48 AM
Last post by ljc529
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Just a bit about my problem
hi everyone i'm alyssa, i;m writing this because i need some help? i have had ...
xoxo_ginger_xoxo Apr-27-09
11:52 PM
Last post by xoxo_ginger_xoxo
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Carb control at school
Hey my name is Naomi my user name on the website is tnme. I am having a hard time at schoo...
tnme Jul-15-08
09:03 PM
Last post by tnme
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collins gem carb counter
Hi all, as a parent of a newly diagnosed child, 13, i have found this book great whe...
suzncorey Jun-19-08
07:13 AM
Last post by suzncorey
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new to all this
hi all ..my son is 9 and recently been diagnosed with type 1 diabetes.. everything is all ...
Tradjikvixen_72 Apr-11-08
07:20 AM
Last post by troberts1976
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Message Removed by Moderator.
Message removed due to violation of Terms & Conditions (promotional/ad/solicit)...
MOD Mar-09-08
10:25 AM
Last post by MOD
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Fighting insurance for CGM
When the doctors introduced the concept of the continuous glucose monitor to my wife and I...
Alycos Dad Feb-14-08
02:54 PM
Last post by Alycos Dad
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israeli diabetics
hey people ! i'm the only one whit diabetes here in israel...?...
danielc1971 Jun-19-07
02:10 PM
Last post by danielc1971
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travelling abroad!
Hi My son was diagnosed at 3 and we havnt been abroad since but have decided to go th...
dalnic Feb-13-07
07:10 AM
Last post by siliconnie
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where do I fit?
I am 27 years old, I was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes at the age of 5, where would b...
diabetes27 Dec-06-06
11:29 PM
Last post by tonepaisano
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Diabetetic Patients/Carers...What do you think of
Deleted due to multiple posts. ...
sita Mar-28-06
10:54 AM
Last post by sita
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Kids In Your Care With Diabetes
Kids In Your Care With Diabetes The purpose of the following information ...
stellamoderator Feb-23-06
04:42 PM
Last post by stella
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5 y/o with diabetes
My son who is now 5 was diagnosed in November 2004 with Type 1 diabetes and is insulin dep...
jb7c Jul-25-05
08:34 PM
Last post by DiabeticEMT
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Diabetic Children and Diet
[b]Diabetic Children and Diet[/b] The goal of any dietary plan is to ...
adminadmin Jul-22-05
01:44 PM
Last post by admin
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Welcome to this forum. We hope you enjoy our new community and appreciate your taking the...
adminadmin Nov-01-04
07:46 PM
Last post by admin
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