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Adding Fiber to foods
I was diagnosed with type 2 diabetes about 10 days ago. No surprise given my choices and h...
jfusco Feb-12-15
11:08 AM
Last post by jfusco
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Has anyone here tried Vida health?
Hello, Has anyone downloaded and tried Vida health coaching? I just read about th...
vicky888 Dec-02-14
04:50 AM
Last post by dnq1980
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Does glucose go up when you are nervous?
Hi there, I was diagnosed with type 2 diabetes over a year ago. I was a little surprise...
DJPW Nov-01-14
10:41 PM
Last post by nong
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Im a new type one diabetic.
im new to this, any tips?...
Katie Nov-01-14
09:52 PM
Last post by Carol99
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weight is tough
Hi Everyone, Newly diagnosed and REALLY having a tough time keeping the weig...
debbiemfletcher Feb-27-14
02:53 PM
Last post by susieqbond
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Newly Diagnosed!!
My Little Girl was diagnosed on June 4th of this year, she is 14. WE NOW HATE THE HOLIDA...
teamjulia Nov-20-12
12:09 PM
Last post by teamjulia
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Testing supplies
I am 22 years old and was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes last week. My brother, who is n...
Eplandry1 Oct-20-12
10:19 AM
Last post by ldkelly2010
2 ---

Newly diagnosed, stopped taking insulin
Hi everyone, I am a mother of a 9 year old (almost 10) boy who was diagnosed w...
Aprild79 Oct-01-12
11:29 AM
Last post by micksmixxx
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blood sugar
wake up blood sugar is good by lunch it has doubled also looking for a supermarket that ca...
UK GARY Sep-16-12
05:33 PM
Last post by UK GARY
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MODY - has anyone ever heard of it?
My daughter and I have recently been diagnosed with a rare genetic disorder called MODY. ...
Kathleen2566 Oct-30-11
11:25 PM
Last post by doorman330
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Foot Swelling question.
Hello, im new here, well been lurking for awhile. A few months back I was diagnoised w...
Ladonna Sep-15-11
12:28 PM
Last post by carolfried
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An encouragment for newly diagnosed.....
For those diagnosed in the early stage of diabetes, there is good news for you. With a S...
Marie Aug-18-11
09:31 PM
Last post by Marie
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Lantus, Metformin, Many Meds... Diet... Help!
"Proposition 19 from California should be taking place at the Fed level... a multi...
songdude1962 May-27-11
11:52 PM
Last post by nan
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One Touch Test Strips
I just purchased a box of 100 count strips at Wallgreens Drug Store. I was told my insura...
FitandDiabetic Mar-10-11
01:07 PM
Last post by woobie101
7 ---

3 weeks since dx
I was dx about 3 weeks ago with type 2. started on Metformin + onglyza. Starting # wa...
efaull49 May-10-10
04:34 PM
Last post by jthomas666
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I am confused on what numbers I should watch. What fasting number is considered Diabetes%...
orangemouse883 Feb-22-10
03:07 PM
Last post by SuzannaOR
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Dietician's Meal Plan versus Physician's Meal Plan
Hi, I'm newly diagnosed with Type 2. I'm new to everything. Took a diabetic educati...
maecb410 Feb-08-10
04:22 AM
Last post by sarkar2100
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Just diagnosed and looking for help.
Hello all, I was diagnosed today and would really appreciate any tips or advice. When my...
gwen145 Dec-15-09
09:53 AM
Last post by Jasmin
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Newbie Type 2, Confused With A Question :-)
Hi there i was diagnosed with type 2 diabetes end of august this year, my diabetic nurse...
gail81 Oct-19-09
12:11 PM
Last post by DRBain
1 ---

newbie type 2 with question
I am new to this and to diabetes and this question has probably been asked before but I do...
ima_triker Oct-04-09
09:11 PM
Last post by ima_triker
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