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Intermittent fasting for Diabetes management: voodoo medicine or magic bullet?
Anyone familiar with Dr. Jason Fung and his program of intermittent fasting for Diabetes m...
infoman1960 Feb-09-15
10:01 PM
Last post by infoman1960
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Hello, new to this group. I have been on Jenuvia for Diabetes 2 and was recently put on...
IndyAnney Feb-06-15
08:01 PM
Last post by IndyAnney
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How to Control Diabetes?
With a careful control on your blood sugar, you can save yourself from various side eff...
priyamehta2 Feb-06-15
12:55 PM
Last post by ReviewsMemo
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Looking to talk to someone
Hello - we are a research group at Mass General hospital evaluating the need for an app ...
UXresearcher1 Jan-18-15
02:07 PM
Last post by debbiedbee3
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Diabbetes type 2 Description
Sort 2 diabetes, once called non-insulin-subordinate diabetes, is the most well-known ...
mahmud2780 Jan-17-15
05:59 AM
Last post by mahmud2780
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Any Ideas? please read
ammathiss Dec-27-14
10:14 AM
Last post by Alexmj02
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friend w. type 2
my friend just got diagnosed with type 2. the reason is shes obese, like 240 pounds at o...
sadierawrster Dec-02-14
03:27 AM
Last post by dnq1980
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food for type 2 diabetes
Are there avaiable snack food appropriate for type two diabetes? What types of food...
bec_92 Dec-02-14
03:14 AM
Last post by dnq1980
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Curious about "Sugar-free"
Hello! Newly diagnosed here. I'm sweet tooth. LOL. I'm just curious about sugar...
nong Dec-02-14
03:11 AM
Last post by dnq1980
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Short survey of at home injection experiences
My name is Dan and I am a graduate student at San Jose State University, pursuing my MS ...
IAAresearch Jul-16-14
05:00 PM
Last post by IAAresearch
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online research -participants needed
Hi I am looking for adults with type 2 diabetes to help me by taking part in my resea...
jcp_11 Dec-28-13
05:17 AM
Last post by SusanChase
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Picky eater
My husband has had Type 2 Diabetes for several years that has been controlled by medicatio...
skyler490 Oct-14-13
10:08 AM
Last post by knim61
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Symptoms of Type 2 diabetes
Many times I have seen that the symptoms of type 2 diabetes are really common. How can I i...
jemmy12 Jul-04-13
03:42 AM
Last post by myjade84
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Caring for Family Members - Grad Student Survey Request
Hi Everyone, I am a graduate student (finally) completing my Masters degree at ...
CMLazo Feb-02-13
09:12 PM
Last post by CMLazo
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Vitamin D and blood sugar
For the past year I was taking Vitamin D3 due to levels being too low. Level was 26, the...
Marie Jan-15-13
06:56 PM
Last post by Marie
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Merry Christmas!!
Merry Christmas to everyone and may your BS remain stable during the holidays! Mari...
Marie Dec-18-12
10:32 PM
Last post by stella
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Kinda sad to see everyone has left this message board, it was great in it's day. Look...
Marie Nov-24-12
08:56 PM
Last post by Smitty
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Type 2 needs you help
Hello, My name is Craig Audet and I am a PhD student at Walden University. As a pe...
Craig1464 Oct-26-12
12:35 PM
Last post by Jodie24
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Hi . I'm a nutritionist at University and I would be so grateful if anyone would take p...
Jodie24 Oct-26-12
12:32 PM
Last post by Jodie24
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Kidney disfunction
Even though a type 2 person has blood sugar and blood pressure under control it is possibl...
Marie Aug-22-12
10:14 PM
Last post by Marie
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