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"Proposition 19 from California should be taking place at the Fed level... a %0...
songdude1962 Apr-28-11
04:07 PM
Last post by stella
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I am clairetaliana
Hi! I am clairetaliana. I am really new to this so if anyone has some tips for me I woul...
clairetaliana Apr-08-11
08:12 AM
Last post by clairetaliana
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hello from NZ
Don;t know why i registered in this site but looks good. I;ve been a diabetic for last...
gilliola Apr-08-11
09:05 PM
Last post by Ian
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Hello, Hello..........
LINN I am the New Kid on the Block (Cough) , dropping by to say Hi.... looking...
DELINN Mar-28-11
10:57 PM
Last post by forum80
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Blurred Vision
I was diagnosed two weeks ago, and was put on medication. Assuming that there is a dire...
jthomas666 Mar-27-11
10:21 AM
Last post by DELINN
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Well hello there everyone. Another newbie intro here. I was diagnosed with type...
Soupbagels Mar-24-11
11:53 AM
Last post by Soupbagels
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HI you all
I's a newbie too.Washed up on the shore and have type #2. Keep the corners of your mou...
Awake Mar-23-11
09:15 PM
Last post by Awake
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Another Newbie Here - Some Questions
I am 51 years old, male, I was diagnosed type II 4 years ago. At the time I weighed 2...
greendoddz Mar-21-11
04:33 PM
Last post by cznurse
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Just found this informative sight. Husband just diagnosed with prediabetes. Is now on a...
piteux Mar-20-11
11:35 AM
Last post by piteux
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new here
hey i am type 2 since 2000, i am 60 yrs old, work for the state.married 43 yrs:) ...
msann60 Mar-10-11
01:58 AM
Last post by msann60
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New here
Hi, My name is Lori and I am taking caare of my Grandmother who just started usi...
lorilynn62 Mar-09-11
01:13 PM
Last post by lorilynn62
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hello all
Really new to all this i was diagnosed about a week and a half ago. just feeling a bit ove...
hillbilly76 Mar-06-11
00:28 AM
Last post by mflan01
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hot sweats
omg..was only looking at what i thought was menapause..even tho i felt wasnt right..im 55....
mflan01 Mar-06-11
09:44 PM
Last post by mflan01
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Hi I am new to this site
My name is Dee and I have been a diabetic for a few years,my journey is and has been a b...
carmlrose2702m Mar-04-11
03:38 PM
Last post by maisy2
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Howdy Folks from the Great State of Texas....
apompa Feb-15-11
03:21 PM
Last post by stella
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