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Still going strong
Hi! Well I have had diabetes for 63 years type 1, still working and doing the thi...
Brynnie Nov-26-11
01:02 AM
Last post by Brynnie
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ABout myself
Hello everyone. I am Katty Middleton. I am new member of this community so i want to say s...
kattymiddle Nov-17-11
03:06 AM
Last post by micksmixxx
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I am new
help, I have been a type 2 diabetic for about 15 years and can't eat right,I like al...
lindau Nov-06-11
00:11 AM
Last post by honeybunch
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New type 2 diabetic
Hi I have just been told I have type 2 diabetes. I must admit I am very upset as I have al...
pcbunny78 Nov-06-11
06:44 PM
Last post by honeybunch
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i recently got diagnosed with type 2 i dont get all this counting carb!! its fustrates...
carol1977 Oct-31-11
00:22 AM
Last post by carol1977
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Hello Everyone
I am a medical professional involved in diabetes care. The main reason why I joined this f...
Koz Sep-24-11
09:28 AM
Last post by Koz
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Type 2 for 12 Years- Adding Lantus
Diagnosed with Type 2 Diabetes at 28. Kept at bay with diet, exercise, keep weight in ...
Yamno Sep-11-11
08:58 PM
Last post by dturney
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New to the Forum
I have been a type two diabetic for forty two years. I have injected insulin since the fir...
dturney Sep-08-11
04:16 PM
Last post by dturney
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Type 2 for 10 years -- time to get serious now!
Hi all, I'm new to your forum. I was diagnosed with type 2 about 10 years ago. That sc...
scifimom Sep-02-11
12:52 PM
Last post by scifimom
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Just found out a week ago that I have type 2. Pretty scared. Never thought i would be afra...
Irishrose1001 Aug-24-11
10:17 AM
Last post by diva53d
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29 yr old son with type 1 diabetes
my son is 29 yrs old has type 1 diabetes and has refused to take his insulin for at least ...
leanygurl55 Aug-12-11
06:45 PM
Last post by caramiadee13
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Diabetes Facts
DIABETES FACTS: *Diabetes is a chronic condition associated with abnormally...
Loveyourbody008 Jul-21-11
04:26 AM
Last post by Loveyourbody008
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Diabetic Art
This is a Link to a short film Made by Diabetic Artist Aoife Cox. It is a creative in...
aoifewozere Jul-04-11
09:31 AM
Last post by aoifewozere
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Hello all I am new here. Hoping to get suggestions to reduce my a1c with diet. It nev...
bbmb Jun-16-11
07:33 PM
Last post by DiabeticCoachLinda
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Here to Help my family
Hi Everyone, I'm Sam and I have a few close relatives with diabetes. It is...
thediacure May-28-11
02:51 AM
Last post by thediacure
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Whether you think you can or cannot, you're right. Just signed up today. Hoping ...
msgail1953 May-23-11
09:46 PM
Last post by stella
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I'm new - what are the numbers
I just found out a month ago I have type 2. THe only numbers I am familiar with are t...
Charlene56 May-20-11
06:48 PM
Last post by micksmixxx
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new type 2, checking in...anyone from Canada out there, or am I the only chunky type 2 up here??
Hi everyone, I'm newly diagnosed and looking for upbeat people to ta...
debbiemfletcher May-19-11
01:32 AM
Last post by Charlene56
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Looking for meal ideas
Type 2, non-medicated (probably until I go the dr. again in April). I came across t...
FaithRestMom May-10-11
05:04 PM
Last post by jimhusten
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Hello and Good Morning. My name is chris and i have been with a wonderful man for 10 years...
chris_scott662000 May-04-11
06:29 AM
Last post by medanum6298
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