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Why do diabetics need to wear socks?
Hi folks My uncle is suffering for a diabetic and said she can't go around ba...
Tony Longo Apr-18-12
09:32 AM
Last post by Tracy_Marie
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What is Diabetes ?
Hi, Diabetes is a condition when the pancreas in the human body fails to prod...
Tony Longo Apr-11-12
12:06 PM
Last post by Russbuckbee
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Is there any medicine in allopathy to control diabetic retinopathy?
Hello friends, Iam suffering from diabetic for 20 years I have gone under las...
Tony Longo Apr-11-12
09:55 AM
Last post by Tony Longo
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please take good care of yourselves.
my 26yr old brother with type 1 diabetes past away dec.13 2011. we are not sure yet but be...
drockey37 Mar-27-12
12:00 PM
Last post by Tony Longo
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What are some good diabetic shoes?
Hello all, What are some good recommended diabetic shoes for someone with poo...
Tony Longo Mar-21-12
12:01 PM
Last post by Tony Longo
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What kind of doctor treats Diabetic foot infections ?
Hello, My Uncle has got infection in his feet. He is a diabetic patient. Do y...
Tony Longo Mar-14-12
12:19 PM
Last post by Tony Longo
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Sanyo Seiki
Hello there! I'm Sanyo Seiki, a new member of this Forum! I'm not a diabetic per...
SanyoSeiki Mar-12-12
05:24 AM
Last post by SanyoSeiki
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What are the best options for diabetic shoes?
Hello everyone, My dad is diabetic and works in carpentry so he needs best sh...
Tony Longo Mar-07-12
06:15 AM
Last post by Tony Longo
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I am suffering from the diabetics ! Because of diabetics ?
Hi friends, I have a lot of problems in foot temperature and the blood circul...
Tony Longo Feb-22-12
06:45 AM
Last post by Tony Longo
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Diabetic Shoes
Hi all, The podiatrist in my practice is looking at starting diabetic shoes i...
Tony Longo Feb-15-12
06:43 AM
Last post by Tony Longo
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Hello everyone...on here looking for a perfect match for my boyfriends mother
Hi my name is Gwen im not a diabetic ...but my bf mother is...she's going thru s very tu...
Gwen11224 Feb-08-12
11:18 AM
Last post by Gwen11224
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Benefit of Diabetics Socks !!
Hey friends, Different person could get different type of suggestions about w...
Tony Longo Feb-08-12
08:26 AM
Last post by Tony Longo
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Hello everybody
Hello All, This is Tony Longo, I am here in this forum newbie. I have visi...
Tony Longo Feb-04-12
08:29 AM
Last post by Smitty
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Diabetic man to drive Roman chariot from Rome to Olympic stadium for charity
Sweet Chariot Project Adam Pereira, 19 Cornwall Rd, Ventnor, ...
adamjoaquim Jan-15-12
10:31 AM
Last post by adamjoaquim
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Howdy from East Texas. I'm new to this forum and have been a Type 2 for many years but j...
rwminix1 Jan-13-12
08:08 PM
Last post by rwminix1
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Documentary Photographer, interested in type 1
Hi to all diabetic community followers! My name is Christopher Manson, I'...
cmanson Jan-10-12
06:57 PM
Last post by cmanson
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Do you pay more then $100 for your medications?
A poll/survey question
therxhelper Jan-10-12
01:56 PM
Last post by therxhelper
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Hello, I'm Michelle im 38 & new to the forum. I've been Diabetic since August 2007...
Michelle38 Dec-20-11
03:01 PM
Last post by Michelle38
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Type 2 for two years and still in denial I suppose....
lentichy Dec-14-11
11:24 AM
Last post by lentichy
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New User
I have just joined here. I have been diabetic for almost 20 years. I was diagnosed as Type...
ritak1 Nov-28-11
04:16 AM
Last post by ritak1
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