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Can a diabetic sue a restaurant for giving them a sugary drink?
Hi all Say a diabetic goes into a diabetic episode of high blood sugar because ...
Tony Longo Oct-01-12
10:20 AM
Last post by Aprild79
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Family of a diabetic looking for help.
Hi everyone, I'm not actually a diabetic. I signed up because my boyfriend is a type 2...
h_flynn Sep-28-12
06:39 AM
Last post by h_flynn
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3 misdiagnosis and they found that my sugar level should have been between 6 and 10, and...
UK GARY Sep-14-12
01:36 PM
Last post by SuzannaOR
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Type 2 that needs your help.
Hello, My name is Craig Audet and I am a PhD student at Walden University. ...
Craig1464 Aug-17-12
01:11 AM
Last post by Craig1464
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Hello Everyone
Hello, i'm a Type 1 diabetic (diagnosed 2 years ago). I'm 18 years old and just ...
irocknewera11 Aug-03-12
04:00 AM
Last post by ln3158
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I'm New
My name is Martina and i am a type 2 diabetic for 6 years, i am on lantus insulin twice ...
martina1977 Aug-03-12
06:55 AM
Last post by ln3158
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Newbee Diabetes II
Diagnosed with Diabetes II on 9/15/11. BG 323 I now have it down to 203. D...
larpam Aug-03-12
09:03 PM
Last post by ln3158
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Please, tell me, what happens on this site?...
SanDi2524 Jun-18-12
11:16 PM
Last post by stella
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i am new to the site and finally going to get my diabetes under control and i am here to g...
stayhome daddy2 Jun-17-12
11:51 AM
Last post by SanDi2524
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New member
I'm trying to sign up for gourmet recipes , every time I get -The answer you provided ...
Lyrid Jun-09-12
06:26 PM
Last post by admin
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Hello to you all I am new here and glad to be here. I am a diabetic type 2 and on insulin ...
clarissah Jun-07-12
11:04 AM
Last post by micksmixxx
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What are the best options for diabetic shoes?
Hi friends, My dad is diabetic and works in carpentry so he needs good shoe s...
Tony Longo May-27-12
12:59 PM
Last post by Crypt Kicker
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How do I know if I have diabetic neuropathy?
Hi, Nerve damage occurs in people who have had diabetes because their blood s...
Tony Longo May-23-12
10:58 AM
Last post by Marge_G
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Greetings from the Big Apple
I had been a Type 2 diabetic for the past 35 years. I am currently on insulin therapy not ...
sugar mama May-23-12
01:00 PM
Last post by Tracy_Marie
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I just joined this site, I'd like to receive the Daily Diabetic recipe, tried many t...
Lyrid May-20-12
03:12 PM
Last post by Lyrid
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What's the best bandage for a diabetic foot?
Hey friends, If someone has diabetes and has an ulcer on their foot , what ...
Tony Longo May-02-12
12:50 PM
Last post by Tony Longo
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By Way of Introduction
Hello. My name is Mark. I registered here because I happened upon a thread (which I ha...
soupy mario Apr-24-12
06:29 PM
Last post by soupy mario
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New to the forum
MadHatter Hi, I have never been one to discuss my type 1 diabetes to a...
Jenny82nc Apr-18-12
10:09 PM
Last post by Tracy_Marie
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hi im new
hello. im abbie. i have type 1, diagnosed in november, um, i think im doing well. a ...
sadierawrster Apr-18-12
04:00 PM
Last post by Tracy_Marie
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Diabetics generally have circulation problems in the legs and feet.?
Hey everyone, It seems diabetics do not need the compression, but to have ...
Tony Longo Apr-18-12
07:10 AM
Last post by Tracy_Marie
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