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neww member
hello. I am a 69 yrs young grandmother of 10, gr-grandmother of 13. married 53 years ...
nana_sue_13 Jul-27-13
05:27 PM
Last post by nana_sue_13
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Hello from California
Just stopping by to say Hi... I was recently diagnosed with Type2 diabetes Feb. 2013. I ha...
Yreka2013 Jun-30-13
09:28 AM
Last post by Yreka2013
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Wife of Diabetic
I am new here but SO glad I found the website. My husband is 79 and a healthy 79 year old...
heroldkris2012 Jun-29-13
09:56 AM
Last post by myjade84
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Hello :-)
Hello everybody. I am glad to have joined this forum. Can't wait to get out t...
Martinjohnsson May-25-13
05:53 AM
Last post by Martinjohnsson
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communicating with others diabetics and recipe exchanges.
I am a new member to this community, but I have been a type 2 diabetic since July 1999 o...
ladihawke60 May-21-13
02:50 PM
Last post by ladihawke60
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Just wanted to say Hi and introduce myself to the community. I'm sure I'll be asking ...
2sweetnsugarland May-04-13
10:00 AM
Last post by SaltedGingkoNuts
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Saying Hello
New to this forum, not new to DT2. Diagnosed in 2001. Hoping to offer encouragement to o...
SaltedGingkoNuts May-04-13
04:23 PM
Last post by SaltedGingkoNuts
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glucose detecting dogs
Researchers are conducting a survey about the use of dogs for detecting glucose levels in ...
Npetry Mar-18-13
02:34 PM
Last post by Npetry
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Hello, I am new to this site. I was diagnosed with type 2 in 2010....
az_kitty Feb-21-13
06:59 PM
Last post by az_kitty
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I just wanted to say hello and I'm newly diagnosed as borderline diabetes ...
anna520az Feb-18-13
02:10 AM
Last post by micksmixxx
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new diabetic type 2
Hello, I live in South Africa and think I am type 2 Diabetic. Am waiting for results of ...
chrystal1 Feb-16-13
06:07 AM
Last post by chrystal1
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My nephew (22) was just diagnosed with Type 1. I am blown away and am at loss as ...
badsneaker Feb-14-13
10:19 PM
Last post by veramurphy
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New to site
Good morning all - I am new to this site and pretty new to the world of diabetes. I was di...
jewelsie82 Dec-16-12
12:01 PM
Last post by jewelsie82
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Hello! As I am new to the community I would like to introduce myself. I am 39 yrs old ...
versus73 Nov-26-12
11:20 PM
Last post by micksmixxx
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Hi from florida
I was diagnosed with type 2 3 years ago. i have alot of stress in my life and my immune sy...
lorim321 Nov-23-12
07:20 PM
Last post by just carol 2u
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New here
In April i was diagnosed as pre diabetic, since than i try to watch my diet very caref...
just carol 2u Nov-23-12
09:38 PM
Last post by just carol 2u
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If Sugars Are too High
If i get up in the morning and my sugars reads 130 does that mean i am not suppose to have...
carol1977 Nov-23-12
09:15 PM
Last post by just carol 2u
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Pre-Diabetic & A Preventative Lifestyle
Hello All: I've recently been diagnosed as pre-diabetic. My most immediate...
Riverstreet Nov-23-12
11:38 AM
Last post by just carol 2u
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Newly diagnosed w/ Type 2
Hello Everyone- Recently diagnosed with Type 2 a couple of weeks ago. Even though several ...
chillybear12 Nov-23-12
10:03 AM
Last post by chillybear12
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New Here!!
Hello Everyone, My little girl (14) was diagnosed on June 4th of this year and ...
teamjulia Nov-14-12
05:55 PM
Last post by teamjulia
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