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Sort 2 Diabetes
Sort 2 diabetes, once called non-insulin-subordinate diabetes, is the most remarkable ...
mahmud2780 Jan-17-15
06:05 AM
Last post by mahmud2780
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hi, i was recently diagnosed/ I have a big problem with feeling very tired most of the...
sugarrich5 Dec-02-14
04:46 AM
Last post by dnq1980
12 ---

blood sugar levels
Hi can anyone help? I am 33 and diabetic type 2 I am on metformin 2x500mg three times a ...
traciesmith1972 Dec-02-14
04:43 AM
Last post by dnq1980
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Diabetes Control Using Insulin Glargine
[b]New Approach to Achieving Diabetes Control Using Insulin Glargine[/b] %0...
stellamoderator Nov-01-14
10:59 PM
Last post by Carol99
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Does Diabetes leads to ED?
Can untreated diabetes leads to Erectile Dysfunction. One of my friend prescribed me Sild...
GarrettHnatiuk Aug-01-14
10:30 PM
Last post by Glucerna
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Support Health via conversation/chat
I like to advise people who wish to support their community that are suffering from variou...
Asdreues Feb-28-14
06:51 AM
Last post by Asdreues
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Glucophage XR
How long does it take to see results from Glucophage XR if you are a diabetic near normal ...
Marie Sep-09-05
12:10 PM
Last post by Marie
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Has anyone taken Cymbalta? If so did it help? Any info would be appreciated....
bleusz Sep-12-05
10:50 PM
Last post by help me please
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Hey Dan ? Byetta
I was wondering how it was going on the new med.? I think for me it is making me have lo...
DebbieKY Oct-21-05
07:04 AM
Last post by nanabowlin
3 ---

Diabetetic Patients/Carers...What do you think of
Deleted due to multiple posts....
sita Mar-28-06
10:55 AM
Last post by sita
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Inhaled Insulin
I was wondering if anyone has any thoughts on Inhaled Insulin? I know it's not FDA ap...
researcher Sep-16-06
05:13 PM
Last post by jorgie
2 ---

anyone here take Symlin to help with being diabetic? thanks Leigh H...
Leigh H Oct-09-06
08:15 PM
Last post by Leigh H
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Hello I was just wondering if anyone else is taking Byetta ? DebbieKY...
DebbieKY Nov-06-06
11:00 AM
Last post by furball64801
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pharmdaily.com says acomplia might help type 2
I recently read an article on pharmdaily.com about Acomplia which is suppose to improve b...
jessicsd Dec-12-06
01:36 PM
Last post by DRBain
1 ---

Hi, I have been using Byetta for about three months, my bg are in great range - my las...
suec1958 Mar-01-07
05:59 PM
Last post by Care 4 Ailing
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Message deleted. Please Ignore.
Message deleted. T&C violation....
healingtree Apr-23-07
05:59 PM
Last post by healingtree
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Byetta & Avandamet
I previously asked if anyone using byetta had experienced leg pain like I did. I have hea...
selfhelp06 Apr-28-07
01:04 PM
Last post by KarenB
3 ---

Recently I've changed meds and am taking Actos. I'm wondering if anyone is taking that...
Karen from Oregon Oct-04-07
02:53 PM
Last post by maryagnes
9 ---

I've never heard of this Banaba supplement before I received this article from Diabetes ...
nan Oct-17-07
05:03 PM
Last post by sleepybug
1 ---

i don't know
I take glucovance and actos total of 3 pills a day was 5 a day my blood sugar has been as...
kenny53 Mar-05-08
02:01 AM
Last post by kenny53
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