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Sister is Diabetic and Mentally Ill with OCD
What do you do when you have a sister who is mentally ill and diabetic? My sister is on ...
BamaSister Jan-27-15
05:07 PM
Last post by BamaSister
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I am a non diabetic, but I take care of my mom and my aunt both of whom are pretty sick ...
CarolT Jan-28-14
05:33 PM
Last post by troberts1976
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Hello everyone! I'm the wife of an incredibly terrific man who's been diagnosed with...
PeniJo Jun-25-12
08:16 PM
Last post by Amy56
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My husband was ex pre diabetic three years ago. He didn't really change his eating habit...
Amy56 Jun-25-12
08:07 PM
Last post by Amy56
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Hello everyone!
Hi everybody! I joined the site because my husband is a recently diagnosed diabetic. I%2...
Lady Payge Jun-25-12
03:32 AM
Last post by mackwhite
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mobile health
I wonder if there are any clinics in Victoria have mobile health system in which smartphon...
Manal Jun-16-12
04:43 AM
Last post by Manal
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why am i the only caregiver in the group whose shots hurt?
I am one of 3 caregivers for an elderly lady. I cannot seem to give her a shot without cau...
megnut Mar-12-12
08:35 PM
Last post by megnut
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My husband is type 1 and a recurring event in our household is me waking up to his mumblin...
notanangel Feb-13-12
02:29 AM
Last post by jemmy12
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Diabetes Caregivers
I am new to this and just signed up today. I am looking for someone who understands my si...
susan Jan-27-12
02:12 AM
Last post by jemmy12
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Picking Your Battles
I am a live in home aide for an older woman. Long story short, our families are very go...
Sheyen Aug-16-11
00:21 AM
Last post by Sheyen
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Difficulty Trusting and Reaching Out to Others May Shorten Diabetes Patients' Lives
Self-reliant diabetes patients had a 33 percent higher mortality rate during a 5-year stud...
adminadmin Apr-05-10
04:07 PM
Last post by admin
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New Forum: Diabetes Caregivers
We just setup this new forum for caregivers, such as parents, nurses, physicians,...
adminadmin Mar-30-10
01:03 PM
Last post by Caregiver714
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Diabetetic Patients/Carers...What do you think of
Deleted due to multiple posts. ...
sita Mar-28-06
10:56 AM
Last post by sita
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Patients Who Trust Their Drs. Have Better Outcomes
Patients Who Trust Their Doctors More Have Better Outcomes By Lise Millay Steve...
stellamoderator Feb-23-06
04:40 PM
Last post by stella
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A good day, but will it last?
Hi, I'm new here but would love some advice. I'm engaged to a very stubborn man who ...
duckie310 Jul-15-05
01:41 PM
Last post by nan
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