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I'm in desperate need of help please
Please forgive me in advance for this being so long, but I'm desperate to find some he...
nunnie83154 Feb-02-15
11:01 PM
Last post by nunnie83154
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Pain relief at last
Hi all, You all probably know about T.E.N.S already but I'm new here so I gotta t...
ToxicShock Nov-18-13
00:54 AM
Last post by Coffeelover2
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Update on painful diabetic neuropathy study: Last opportunity to get involved
Hi everyone, Some of you may have read about this a while back on other diabetes fo...
Trials4patients Aug-08-12
08:10 AM
Last post by Trials4patients
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Diabetic neuropathy in feet.
Hello everyone I am new here. My doctor thinks I have diabetic neuropathy in my feet. I ...
MichelleFl May-23-12
07:19 PM
Last post by MichelleFl
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Diabetic/Neuropathic Footwear!
Hello everyone, let me first introduce myself. My name is Yurri and i am not a diabetic....
ymials87 May-22-12
10:20 PM
Last post by benjaminrain
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tingling in my toes
I have diabetes and I started having tingling numbness in my toes. Will this spread? Wh...
cu001269 Mar-15-12
05:19 PM
Last post by stella
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Anyone ever try this?
Someone sent me to this site but i cannot find ANYONE that has tried it before. http%...
jstump1972 Jan-31-12
05:59 PM
Last post by GrandpaX4
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Sangamo Trials for Diabetic Neuropathy Phase 2B
Has anyone on the forum joined the SANGAMO phase 2B trials for a gene expression therapy ...
Mick Brown Apr-04-11
01:10 PM
Last post by Mick Brown
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swelling and numbness
Hi, I need somebody to tell me what is going on with my feet. I started with numbne...
jparr26 Mar-11-11
07:56 PM
Last post by jparr26
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Millions Don't Know Why Their Feet Hurt
[b]Millions Don't Know Why Their Feet Hurt[/b] If you have nu...
adminadmin Feb-26-11
10:49 AM
Last post by healthreform
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Freaking Out
Ok, so I'm 20 years old and have had diabetes since I was 12. I've always struggled...
cronal Aug-01-10
08:43 AM
Last post by cronal
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Nuerogenic Bladder
I was recently diagnosed with nueropathy and put on Nuerotin for the pain. Please excuse a...
KB Jan-01-10
11:32 PM
Last post by KB
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Pain keeps me awake
I just googled to find a forum to discuss this. I can't sleep for the pain. I use a CPA...
BubbaBear May-30-09
11:56 PM
Last post by sammy
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Diabetic Neuropathies: The Nerve Damage Of Diabetes
Diabetic neuropathies are a family of nerve disorders caused by diabetes. People with diab...
adminadmin Feb-25-09
04:12 PM
Last post by admin
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I have had diabetic neuropathy for over 10 years now. This has been confirmed by nerve con...
DeadNerves Jun-23-08
04:19 PM
Last post by kjonla
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I was diagnosed in 2001 with type 2 diabetes, my doctor says i was one for at least 5 ye...
jstump1972 Feb-06-08
05:51 PM
Last post by jstump1972
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Drowing in my Tears Caused by Pain
Hello everyone, First I would like to give my heart felt apologies to all of you wh...
DiabeticQueenbee Jan-27-08
02:00 PM
Last post by DiabeticQueenbee
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gastric by-pass surgery and neuropothy
I had gastric by-pass surgery in 2003 and about seven weeks ago I started loosing my balan...
nephi12345 Nov-14-07
06:14 PM
Last post by mike mandel
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Neuropathy Relief
Hi Everyone, I have been reading other memeber's postings about neuropathy ...
NRInstitute Feb-08-07
03:58 PM
Last post by NRInstitute
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Welcome to the Neuropathies Forum
Hi, We decided to devote a specific forum to neuropathies instead of in...
adminadmin Dec-19-06
04:56 PM
Last post by Elaine2006
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