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Traveling abroad with type 1 diabetes
I will be taking my son to Europe for 3 months next spring and wonder if anyone has advice...
debra in kansas Nov-01-14
11:39 PM
Last post by Carol99
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Diabetic Dinner Club - Atlanta
Hey guys and gals! We just started a Diabetic Dinner Club in Atlanta and are hoping to ...
cshuey Feb-12-14
10:20 AM
Last post by Brussel1991
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Travel Tips for People with Diabetes
As any travel agent or stranded tourist will tell you, planning ahead is the key to a su...
adminadmin Jul-25-11
12:15 PM
Last post by admin
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City on the North of Canada
I have plans of visiting Fort Mcmurray is a city on the North of Canada in the province o...
crook Apr-26-11
02:27 PM
Last post by crook
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Diabetic Desserts in Restaurants
Hi everyone! I am a hospitality senior doing my senior capstone project on the top...
mfeld Mar-29-10
04:00 PM
Last post by mfeld
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Type 1 Moving from US to Shanghai, China
Hello, I am a single 22 year old type 1 diabetic who currently resides in the good ol'...
Kaydr Jul-22-09
10:00 AM
Last post by Kaydr
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Successful Dining in Restaurants
THIS IS THE COOLEST WEBSITE! http://www.fastfoods.info/ This site has...
pluckyluck Jul-21-09
05:09 PM
Last post by igmom
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How lifestyle and daily routine affect blood sugar
"Diabetes: How lifestyle and daily routine affect blood sugar" %0...
DRBain May-04-09
11:30 AM
Last post by kelvinprera
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Diabetic Guide To The American Buffet Table
A nice little read for those of you getting ready to hit the road for holiday. ...
stellamoderator Nov-23-08
06:25 PM
Last post by bankerrkt
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Welcome to this forum
Welcome to this forum. We hope you enjoy our new community and appreciate your taking the ...
adminadmin Aug-02-07
04:54 AM
Last post by Black
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Post Removed
Removed due to terms of use. ...
sam Apr-26-07
11:38 AM
Last post by admin
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Daughter in France-any suggestions?
My daughter has type 2 diabetes and is going to school in France for the summer. Does any...
elwatson Jul-22-06
12:32 PM
Last post by elwatson
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Community Lobby  »  Diabetic Travel and Eating Out

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