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General FAQ

  1. What is a conference?
  2. What is a forum?
  3. What is a thread/topic?
  4. Why are there so many different types of forums?
  5. How do I get access to restricted and private forums?
  6. When I post a message in one forum, it posts ok. But in another forum, it won't post. Why?
  7. What software and settings do you suggest for optimal use of this community?
  8. Why can't I post using Opera as my browser?
  9. What is the Control Panel?

Registration FAQ

  1. Do I have to register?
  2. Why should I register?
  3. How do I register?
  4. The registration process tells me that I have an invalid email address. Why?
  5. I registered, so why can't I login?
  6. Where can I find the acceptable usage policy?

Icons FAQ

  1. What does each menu icon allow me to do?
  2. Why are some file icons displayed as red envelopes or flaming?
  3. Why do some forum folder icons display a lock?
  4. Why do some topic icons display a lock?
  5. Why do some topics have [view all] next to the subject?
  6. Why do some users have flags next to their username?
  7. What are the icons below the member ranking and why do they change?
  8. What are all those icons immediately to the right of the username?
  9. Is there a key of all the icons being used?
  10. What are all those icons to the upper right corner of each message below the date and time?

User How-to FAQ

  1. How do I navigate?
  2. How do I start a new topic?
  3. How do I start a new poll?
  4. How do I reply to an existing message?
  5. How do I keep track of new messages?
  6. How do I change my account information?
  7. How do I change my password?
  8. How do I edit my profile?
  9. How do I edit my forum preference?
  10. Can I edit my posts?
  11. How do I subscribe to forums?
  12. How do I manage subscription to topics?
  13. How do I hide my profile or disable email functions?
  14. How do I use an avatar image in my messages?
  15. How do I use signatures in my messages?
  16. How do I use HTML tags in my messages?
  17. How do I post images?
  18. How do I use HTML links?
  19. Can I post news or articles from other sources?
  20. Can I link to images from other websites?
  21. Nothing happens when I click on the word 'Tree' under a posted message. What is 'Tree' supposed to do anyway?

Control Panel FAQ

  1. What is a subscription?
  2. What is an inbox?
  3. What happens when I click Track Topic?
  4. What is a buddy list?
  5. What is a scratch pad?
  6. What is topic rating system?
  7. How do I rate topics?
  8. What is the user rating system?
  9. How do I participate in user rating and do I have to?
  10. How do I rate other users?
  11. What does the weather option do?
  12. How does the personal headlines feature work?
  13. What is Alert Admin used for?


  1. When I click on the collapse thread or expand thread icon, I am redirected to the main community lobby instead of the forum I was in.
  2. When I click on the collapse thread or expand thread icon, the same page keeps refreshing over and over again

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