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Can anyone spare a minute ?
Posted: Jan-02-12, 08:58 AM (EST)
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Wet Behind The Ears
Wet Behind The Ears

I am currently at University and as part of my final year project I have chosen to look at diabetestype 1 medical devices and am interested in parents of children with diabetes who can help me throughout the project. I am interested in this subject as my 8 year old cousin has had diabetes for 3 years now and i would like to help learn as much about diabetes as possible. All I ask is if you can take 2 minutes out to fill in my questionnaire which will remain anonymous and I will use the information to help me in my project.

1. How old is your child/relative?

2. What type of Insulin does your child use?

3. What does your child find difficult about their medication if anything (e.g. Insulin Pen or syringe )?

4. Are they aware of diabetes and how it can affect their bodies?

5. Does your child exercise or take part in any extracurricular activity?

6. Is there something you feel could help you/child/relative with the condition ?

7. Do you think a form of interactive device would help you child learn more about diabetes for a child from 3 to 14?

8. Do you feel you know enough about diabetes ?

9. What products are available to your child (e.g Insulin pump)?

Thankyou soo much for your time if you would like to assist in further questionairres and help with my project reply with your email so i can contact you. Thanks again Danielle

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