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Diabetic neuropathy in feet.
Posted: May-23-12, 07:19 PM (EST)
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Wet Behind The Ears
Wet Behind The Ears

Hello everyone I am new here. My doctor thinks I have diabetic neuropathy in my feet. I have had spasms along my arch for years which I thought nothing of, painful but nothing that ice and a muscle relaxer would not relieve. Things have been getting worse and more spasms are happening and there is increasing pain/burning where my toes meet my foot to the point that I could no longer mow the yard. Just last week I awoke to my foot feeling like it was going to cramp and since then this feeling has not gone away but infact everything has suddenly gotten to the point that I cannot stand for 15 minutes let alone do anything easy such as washing the dishes, ect. I use ice most of the time and it takes these spasms away and at times I use Robaxin for the spasms as well. I did find a redneck sort of way of putting a sock on your foot and then putting duct tape over the arch, (thinking it was my planter fasciitis acting up again), and this has been my true godsend for the pain! I cannot remove this tape from my foot now without my toes wanting to curl up and the heartbeat sensation to begin in my arch. I also wear crocs and nothing else such as sneakers because it causes more pain. But since I cannot do anything at all now but sit and put ice on it for most of the day I hope someone can help me please.

I know about gabapentin and do not want to try it at all, have heard too many bad things about it.

Cannot take NSAID's anymore as I have been taking them for too many years for my fibromyalgia and am worried about my stomach.

I suffer with anxiety and when I take an anti-depressant it sort of has the opposite effect on me and makes me shake like a leaf.

I am on a diet, have lost 40 pounds, and my blood sugar is within normal ranges now as well as my blood pressure. To tell you the truth, I feel worse now that I lost the weight than when I was heavier. But loosing the weight has ridden me of my blood pressure medication and my diabetes medication I do not need them any longer.

Please, please is there anything else that has helped with the spasms and burning/pain? I am so sorry that each of you has to go through this, it's terrible!

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