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croutons and such
pita sandwich  
Posted: Sep-21-10, 11:04 AM (EST)
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Wet Behind The Ears
Wet Behind The Ears

I don't know about you, but I like the crunch of croutons in my salad, but the croutons in the store are often made with white bread and they have tons of sodium that I'm trying to limit. So instead of buying ready to eat croutons, I make my own, and not only are they good, I always know they're super fresh.

I cube whatever bread I have at hand, whether it's whole wheat, pumpernickel or even pita bread for diabetics from Joseph's Bakery, toss on a DRY pan and stir occasionally so the croutons won't burn. No fat, no salt added. I sometimes mix the bread cubes with dried oregano, basil, paprika or sage before putting it in the skillet for additional flavor. If I happen to not have any bread handy, I toast some pumpkin, sunflower or sesame seeds, and whenever I can I grill some tofu. That way even plain cucumber, tomato and lettuce turns into more of a salad

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